Westminster Wellness Program Selecting a wellness program can be easy, by following these simple steps. By following these 6 easy and informative steps to select a fitness weight loss program, you'll begin to see the benefits of why it's important to be proactive before making a commitment to a wellness program. It will increase the chances of you staying motivated, being successful of achieving your weight loss goals, and help you keep off what you've worked off during your fitness training sessions. Most importantly, it will keep you safe while making a lifestyle change.

#1 Talk To Your Doctor

Before you pursue any fitness weight loss program, talk to your doctor. Make sure your overall health is good enough for you to take part in such group fitness classes. If you have problem areas such as the knees or the back, make sure this is something that you have your doctor check and advice what the best options are for minimizing injury. This doesn't mean you can't engage in an exercise plan but it does mean you need to be cautious. Plus, if you let your fitness instructor know that you were passed by a doctor to take on physical activities, but have some injury that hinders or restricts movement, they will be able to create a workout plan that fits your body.

#2 Understand Your Fitness Level

You can't walk into a fitness gym and start comparing your abilities to those of others around you. This is a fast way to become intimidated and to give up, quicker then scared deer. Identify your current fitness level and work from there. Usually, a qualified fitness gym will do an assessment session, where the fitness coach will evaluate your fitness level by putting you through a series of exercises, body weight analysis, and measurements. From there, they will determine your fitness level and the best suggested wellness program. When training, challenge yourself to increase reps, to complete more difficult exercises, and to increase your cardiovascular ability by pushing your body beyond your normal comfort zone.

#3 Variety Of Training

Going to a small group fitness gym allows you to have lots of variety to your training program. Some of the most successful programs have different workouts every day of the week, making your fitness training fresh and exciting. Nothing will get you off track faster than doing the same exercises and workouts day after day. As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life! And, if you aren't sure how to perform certain exercises, ask for the fitness instructors leading the group fitness classes to help with the exercises that you are not familiar with performing. They will be glad to help you out to make you successful in your training. Checkout this video from Summit Fit Dojo's Westminster Fitness Classes and see ALL the variety they provide.  

#4 Schedule the Time

One of the main reasons people can't stick to a fitness weight loss program is that they are pushed for time. If you have a fitness goal of losing weight, and looking great for an up coming wedding or summer vacation, you have to schedule that time in advance. Write it on your calendar so you don't get too busy, or put it in your smart phone as an appointment. If you don't miss business appointments, then attending fitness classes should also be a priority. It is best to schedule your workout early in the day, if you have the time, or right after work, so you get it out of the way. Then you don't run out of time and you feel great knowing you already accomplished that. Plus, scheduling your workout session gives you the opportunity to plan ahead for other fun activities, outside of fitness training.

#5 Set Attainable Goals

What do you wish to accomplish with your fitness weight loss? Be very specific with your goals and write them down. Studies show that writing down your goals is the best way to obtain your goals because you can visually see what you are striving for. How much weight do you want to lose? How much time do you anticipate that will take based on an average weight loss of 1 or 2 pounds per week? Break down larger goals into smaller ones. Like the old saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Don't expect to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks, as that can be unrealistic and quite dangerous to your heath. By sticking with the goal of dropping 1 to 2 pounds per week, you can easily reach the goal of 50 pounds, or more, in 12 months.

#6 Reward Yourself

Have a rewards system in place too so that you stay motivated. Did you make it to the fitness gym all week? If so, then that is something to celebrate! For example, a high quality fitness gym will give and encourage their fitness clients to have 1 cheat day per week. Did you lose 5 pounds this month? That is terrific! Try to duplicate what you did by losing those 5 pounds by maintaining your wellness program, and reward yourself with a new outfit after you reach a certain number of inches or pounds lost. For a long range reward, consider planning a beach vacation for next summer if you reach your target weight!

In Conclusion...

Following these 6 steps will help you to select a fitness weight loss program that you are content with, and one that will actually deliver results. Remember, this is a lifestyle change for you, not something you do temporarily or short term. As these efforts become daily routine for you, the changes are going to be evident in your appearance and how you feel!

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