Spartan 2013 Barbed Wire CrawlIf your idea of fun includes army crawling through the mud and under barbed wire, all while being pulled on, pushed at, and sprayed by icy cold water from a fire hose....then the Spartan Military Race barbed wire crawl is for you! I'm not just talking muddy water....this obstacle was pure S-L-O-P!  It included several sloppy moats that were four to five feet deep, as well as plenty of slippery hills to crawl up, and many many yards of army crawling or flat out body rolling under barbed wire. Our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans trained in advance for the army crawl...minus the mud. What muscle groups does the army crawl target?  First and foremost it was designed for survival.  Keeping your body and head low to the ground for long periods of time requires mental toughness.   The army crawl also engages the triceps, chest, core, and inner thighs.  Ultimately, it works the entire mind and body.Spartan 2013 Barbed Wire Crawl At Summit Fit Dojo we focus on training all parts of the body, including the mind, on a daily basis.  Perhaps one of the most challenging workouts that we pose to our members is our "kilo" workouts.  Yes....I said kilo, which if you don't recall, is equal to ONE THOUSAND! Just imagine walking into the Dojo, looking at the workout board, and realizing that you will be doing ONE THOUSAND abdominal, upper body, or lower body one workout.  That not only requires mental toughness to believe and achieve, but for some it also requires a good sense of humor! Of course our coaches are right beside the members throughout the entire course, ensuring proper form is used, motivating each person along the way. So...if you want to train for an obstacle course, perfect your army crawl, or increase your mental and physical toughness, then join us.  We not only guarantee a challenging workout that is never the same twice....but we GUARANTEE RESULTS as well!

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