Summit Fit Dojo | Obstacle Course Training | SpearObstacle course races can "throw" some challenging events your way.  Some that leave you wondering if you will make it through in the first place, and others that make you wonder HOW you made it through after all.  Sometimes you are faced with obstacles that seem foreign.  That was the case for me during obstacle number 13 of the Spartan Military Sprint...The Spearman! Yes, this obstacle was just like it sounds...throwing a spear (or javelin) at a man...made out of straw. Each Spartan received one chance to throw a spear at a fairly large target of a man made out of straw.  If the spear did not hit and STICK in the target, then 30 penalty burpees were in order. How do you train for an obstacle like this?  Well, unless you just happen to have a spear or javelin laying around the house and a willing participant to use as target practice (just kidding), then your best bet is to get in some strength training of the core, legs, and shoulders. Our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans trained for months in advance for the Spartan Military Sprint.  Some of the forms that helped the most with this particular obstacle were kettle bell swings, kettle bell presses, and the medicine ball toss and sprint. Kettle bell swings as well as presses are great strength building exercises for the core, legs, and shoulders.  Kettle bell swings not only require you to engage multiple muscle groups at one time, but they are also a ballistic or explosive movement, which in turn helps you to build power and speed. Likewise is the medicine ball toss and sprint.  This exercise requires you to launch a medicine ball across the training floor, sprint after the ball and pick it up, then run back to the starting position and repeat.  This exercise also engages the core, legs, and shoulders.  You must begin in a slight squat position, push off from your heals as you extend the legs and push or throw the weight of the medicine ball away from your chest.  The medicine ball toss and sprint is a great way to multi-task, and benefit from strength and cardio training at the same time. Maybe you're not in to spear throwing and prefer to purchase your lean meats from the local grocery store instead, but if you're looking to train for an obstacle course, increase your athletic ability, or begin a well rounded training program, the coaches at Summit Fit Dojo are ready to help you!

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