Summit Fit Dojo Outdoor Training Training outside can give you a change of pace in your normal training. Training outdoors is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and change up your workout routine It’s spring time now, and many people are beginning to head back to the gym again to get ready for the summer. Training outside is probably one of the most exciting things to do, instead of heading to a gym. Why is that? Well, for one it’s a change of scenery. By running, jogging, or walking outside you’ll have a chance to enjoy the outdoors a bit more.  Plus, getting fresh air while you exercise is always good. If you are a runner / jogger, then this is also a good way to start developing your leg muscles more, since running on a treadmill doesn’t really give you the same type of workout. However, if you’re a road or mountain biker, then you’re probably waiting for the rain to clear out, snow to melt, and the sun to shine so you can take advantage of the mountain air. Whatever you desire to do, training outside is always a fun thing to do. At Summit Fit Dojo you’ll actually train indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. As we mentioned, training outdoors gives you a change of atmosphere and an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and all the great smells outside. Starting in late April and early May 2013, Summit Fit Dojo will host workouts outside of their facility or at a local park.  This way you’ll have a chance to train with different equipment and actually do workouts very differently from your normal routine. Also, by training on grass or gravel, it makes it easier on your knees.  A great way to save those aging legs! Anyways, if you’re interested in our fitness boot camp program, we are currently offering a great special. If you are a new client, we will give you 2 FREE week of training to test drive our program. Come find out why our program is the best in town and that we GUARANTEE weight loss… or your money back! To learn more, call 720-248-0449 or fill out the form on the right of the screen.

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