A few definitions of the word traverse, compliments of the Merriam Webster online dictionary include:
1: Something that crosses or lies across.
2: An obstacle or adversity.
3: The act or an instance of traversing : crossing : a lateral movement.
Those definitions accurately sum up obstacle number fourteen of the Spartan Military Sprint, the traverse wall.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of trying to explain to you what the traverse wall is, how about a visual instead: Imagine crossing this wall when it is covered in mud and straw.  You need a strong core, and a strong grip! Imagine crossing this wall when it is covered in mud and straw. Now, unless you were in the first heat of this event, your ability to conquer the traverse wall became smaller and smaller, as the amount of mud and straw caked on the wall became greater and greater, just about taking away any chance of getting a grip.....and increasing the odds of a big slip!   To train for this  event Summit Fit Dojo Spartans incorporated cardiovascular and aerobic training by way of kickboxing tabatas, grueling sprinting drills, and burpee mania to improve their overall endurance while lowering their body fat percentages.   This high intensity interval training was paired with strength training, such as pull ups and push ups of all varieties, to improve upper body and core strength and increase grip.
So Merriam Webster - maybe this obstacle did cause adversity for some, but our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans had both the physical and mental strength to overcome it!

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