Obstacle Course Training | TrenchIf you've been following the articles in the previous weeks then you have surely realized that the Spartan Military Sprint was not only a challenging obstacle race, but also a very muddy one!  Obstacle number fifteen, the trenches, was no different.  This obstacle included waist high muddy trenches covered  overhead by a heavy netting,which required one to race through the trench in a hunched or crouched position. Sounds like fun right???  Well it was, and the Summit Fit Dojo Spartans  along with many others handled the muddy trenches like champs. Our Spartans prepared for this obstacle race by training for months in advance.  They built up and improved their stamina and endurance by attending multiple classes per week, facing workouts such as Tabata's, AMRAPS, (As Many Rounds As Possible), and distance running.  All of the workouts required members to "dig deep" and keep pushing through even when they felt like they couldn't go any further.  They required mental and physical strength, just like the obstacles at the Spartan Military Sprint. Training to run in a hunched or crouched position might seem odd, but we prepared for this portion of the obstacle by incorporating core training.  In fact, one of the workouts leading up to the Spartan Military Sprint was "Four on the Floor".  This workout consisted of 30 grueling minutes of bear walks, crab walks, army crawls, duck walks, and creeping push ups.  All of these exercises challenged the core, the mind, and more!  They also helped our Spartans to train to stay low, keep the core muscles engaged, and keep pressing forward. So, whether you want to dig a trench (which is a great workout in itself), train to run through one, or you are looking to start a new, challenging, and effective training program, Summit Fit Dojo can help you!  

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