Obstacle Course Training | Hercules Hoist In classical Greek mythology, Hercules was a divine hero famous for his strength, as well as for numerous adventures. Those who participated in the Spartan Military Sprint had an adventure of their own, with the Hercules Hoist. This obstacle consisted of cement boulders (50 lbs for women and 100 lbs for men) which were to be hoisted (pulled) approximately 15 feet high. To complete this obstacle, Summit Fit Dojo Spartans approached the rope that the boulder was attached to, reached up overhead as high as possible and grabbed the rope.  Then, they lowered their body weight slowly to the ground, raising the boulder approximately half way to the top of the 15 foot hoist.  Then, with all of their upper body and abdominal strength, they continued to pull the rope towards them, hand over hand, until the boulder reached the top. Once the boulder was completely hoisted, they  had to slowly lower the boulder back to the ground, hand over hand again.  Any slipping of the rope would cause the boulder to fall or slam to the ground....and that was a burpee penalty! This obstacle was a welcome challenge for our team, as our workouts are often geared towards core strengthening.  In fact, all of our workouts are designed in such a manner that they carry over in to daily activities.  We train multiple muscle groups at one time and promote functional fitness. Members sometimes wonder why one day they are executing 100+ wall ball tosses, burpees, kettle bell swings, and weighted lunges (yes in one workout), and the next day they complete an AMRAP of pull ups, push ups, box jumps, and mountain climbers.  But when they feel (and see) their increased strength and energy as they are playing with their kids, participating in a recreational sport, carrying in the groceries....or hoisting a cement boulder 15 feet into the air....they stop wondering.  Instead, they finish the task or obstacle at hand, and show up again the next day for another challenging....and gratifying workout!  

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