Obstacle Course Training | Tire DragAre you looking to build some serious strength in your legs?  Do you want to increase your athletic performance?  Look no further than tire drags! What....you want me to "drag a tire"??? Yes, and so did the organizers of the Spartan Military Sprint. That's right!  Our team members had to drag a tire...a tractor tire that is!   This obstacle required us to each grip a tire that was laying flat on the ground, and drag it backwards across a field.  Once we reached the end of the field we had to sprint back to the starting point, pick up the rope that the tire was attached to, and pull the tire back hand over hand, to its starting point.   At Summit Fit Dojo, we have our own collection of tractor and heavy duty tires, so this obstacle was not a first for our team. We take our training outdoors on a regular basis, and quite often the tires show up to offer our members a challenging workout.  Whether it is tire drags, flips, tire chest presses, or running drills, the tires offer a "well rounded" workout! Training with tires offers a challenging workout for any fitness level. Specifically, tire drags will help to strengthen the legs and lower body, while increasing the bodies ability to burn fat. Reverse tire drags are a great way to increase  strength in the quads, the muscle that runs down the front of the leg.  Likewise, crossover tire drags, which are performed by dragging the tire with your body positioned lateral to the tire, crossing one foot over the other, increase the strength in the lateral leg muscles. In addition to building lean muscle mass, tire drags are key to improving overall sports performance.  For sprinters, tire drags are a great way to increase strength and endurance, and improve overall time. Whether you are a fitness novice or a fitness enthusiast you will find that training with tires can be very empowering, and is a great way to mix up your routine.

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