What is the purpose of a tractor?  Well, it is used by the modern day farmer to help manage fields and crops.  Tractors aid in soil preparation, planting, fertilizing, and harvesting.  They can also be used for loading and hauling heavy objects  Prior to the early 1900's, before tractors, farmers had to rely on large and strong draft animals, and human power. During the May 2013 Colorado Spartan Military Race, many participants may have felt like it was a throwback in time, with the Tractor Pull. This obstacle began with each Spartan picking up a heavy duty length of chain that was about 5' in length, and attached to the end of a cement boulder or heavy rock.  Each boulder/rock weighed about 50lbs.  Then, we had to drag the rock behind us as we trekked up a steep and ungroomed hill, around some stumps and shrubs, and back down.  The entire obstacle was about 1/2 mile in length. Spartans were making the most of this challenge.  I even heard a few of them name their rock....as they "took it for a walk". Summit Fit Dojo Spartans weren't knew to this type of obstacle.  Our training in the months leading up to the Spartan Military Sprint included plenty of heavy lifting, cardiovascular, and endurance training to help prepare for not only the Tractor Pull, but all of the other obstacles as well. One exercise that really helped with this obstacle was farmers walks.  During many of our circuit training workouts, as well as in our AMRAPS, we included farmers walks.  This exercise entails dead lifting a heavy weight in both hands, and carrying the weight (we used 44lb kettle bells) a specific distance.  In our dojo, we carried the kettle bells down the training floor 50ft, squatted to place the weights on the floor, completed 5 push ups, and  then repeated back to the starting position, with another 5 push ups.  Typically this route can be completed three to four full reps per circuit, and a total of 4 to  6 sets. Farmers walks, in conjunction with total core strengthening, strong legs, and a high level of physical endurance training, helped our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans to complete this obstacle quickly and safely, ready to tackle the next challenge!    

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