Fitness Recovery Rest is one of the most critical pieces of losing weight and getting in shape. Don't hinder your goal of losing weight by overtraining... Rest up your body! Daily… we receive emails from clients asking me if they can train 5-6 days per week. My immediate response. No. It has nothing to do with us not wanting our clients to attend Summit Fit Dojo classes that often. It’s actually the complete opposite. We WANT you to achieve your fitness goals, however, you need to allow your body to rest. Unless you’re a professional athlete or a Colorado outdoor junkie… then that’s different.  But, we rarely get those people contacting Summit Fit Dojo. In addition, we don’t want you to injure yourself. If you injure yourself, you can’t train, if you can’t train, you can’t achieve some of your fitness goals. But honestly, even the best and most athletic professional athletes put in rest days during their training regimen. Here’s a great article we found that explains rest and recovery during fitness training, and why it’s necessary.

What Happens To The Body When You Rest?

Well, for starters your body begins to repair itself.  When you exercise, you basically breakdown the body… meaning you tear muscles and weaken muscles. The only way to allow your body to repair itself is during rest days. At Summit Fit Dojo, we recommend about 3 days of training at our facility and about 2-3 days of light training / rest on your off days.  (i.e. light training means, a jog, walk the dog, ride your bike….) This allows for your body to develop and rebuild muscle groups. Believe it or not, but you get MORE results in achieving fitness goals while you rest and recover then working out 7 days per week.

How Can Minimal Rest Affect You?

Well, it can affect you in MANY ways.  From overtraining to lack of sleep, to having a feeling of being sluggish, to weakness of the body, to mental stress, to psychological stress and much more.  All this can be more traumatic to your body and become difficult and/or impossible to recover. If you continue to over stress and not allow your body to recover you’ll probably age quicker too.  Think about.  Look at former Presidents of the United States when they first enter office, and when they leave… It’s horrible! And that’s just mental stress.  Not much physical. Look at football players and boxers after a few years of continuous training… Taking care of your body is the first step to weight loss.  And, by not resting you are hindering your body to recover from intense training.

Well, I Feel Guilty When I Rest?

Get that feeling out of your head.  Rest days are necessary.  Football players, who get paid millions of dollars get rest days the following day after a game, and another day during the week that is not physical, rather mental, to go over videos of their next opponent. And, now that there is an NFL lockout, many athletes are considering to extend their playing career by another year because they are allowing their body to rest and recover after the many years of breaking it down. Football players would probably ask for MORE rest days if they could, but when you’re getting paid millions of dollars, that’s a different story! So, the bottom line… you need rest and recovery between your workouts.  No exceptions. Our fitness classes are intense, challenging, difficult, and just different.  Nothing like what you see at the gym. We have the best professional trainers.  We train athletes for a living.  People pay us to help them lose weight.  Listen to our advice when it comes to rest. In addition, Coach Javier use to be a professional athlete and a former World Champion fighter.  He can tell you that rest was his best friend many times during his career. He took time off to just to “get away” and then get back into the groove of things.  He allowed his body to recover at different days of the week during his training regimen too.  It’s just smart…

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