Summit Fti Dojo Facebook Yea, we facebook too... So, you should 'Like' us while you're at it. Millions of people go on to Facebook at all hours of the day. Businesses are beginning to jump on board with Facebook Fan Pages too. This is a great way for Facebok-ers to show off their interests in their daily lives to friends, peers, and family members. Summit Fit Dojo is no different. We ask that all athletes that participate in our small group fitness classes become a fan or “like” Summit Fit Dojo.  That way you can see updates and posts we may have about our program and let your friends know about the results you are getting in your training. If you haven’t become a fan or “like” Summit Fit Dojo… here’s how.

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Facebook.  If you are not on Facebook… get on it!
  2. Go here or type in Summit Fit Dojo in the search box in your Facebook account
  3. Next to the name of the business click “Like”.
  4. Done.

What do you do after that?

Well, you should post your workouts on Facebook and tell people what you accomplished while they were at home, on the couch eating chips and watching T.V. Also, you should recommend our program to others interested in seeing what we are all about. Lastly… if you are a “true” Facebook junkie you should be “checking in” on Facebook via your SmartPhone.  So if you have an iPhone or Android phone, download the Facebook App, loggin, then make sure you check-in on the days you actually attend. Quite frankly, this gives us marketing power to promote our business through your help. And best thing about it… if one of your friends actually signs up because you keep checking-in on the days you workout, then you get a $25 gift card.  That’s our way of saying thanks! At the end of the day, we just want to make sure you reach your fitness goals and you are able to help us market via social media by your daily lives. I do it all the time. If I go to a new restaurant or checkout a new venue, I “check-in”.  Then people start asking me questions.  I then become the “expert” of something.  It’s kind of cool!

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