Obstacle Course Training | Tire FlipAre you flipping kidding me?!?  That's what you might have been thinking at this obstacle which marked mile number 3.5 on the Spartan Military Sprint course. Yes, after carrying a heavy sandbag up one side of a steep incline and back down, we were lucky enough to run up another hill and find tractor tires waiting for us at the top.  These tires were not light by any means.  They were heavy duty tractor tires that had to be flipped three times down a straight(ish) line, and then flipped again three times, back to their starting point. Summit Fit Dojo has a heavy duty tractor tire to train with, along with many others that we like to throw around from time to time.  I can honestly say that the tires used at the Spartan Military Sprint were much heavier....especially after all of the challenging obstacles we had already been through.   You might ask what flipping a tire has to do with training or exercise.  Well for starters....it's just cool!  Yes, there is a bit of a cool factor knowing that you just man handled that tire and it was "flipping" awesome!!! Seriously, tire flips are one of the most challenging exercises you can perform.  They increase strength and conditioning levels at the same time...and if you're like me, anytime you can multi-task is a bonus! If you're looking to build strength in your lower half, or even  to just tone your legs and backside so that you look good coming and going...then tire flips are a great alternative to squats and dead lifts.  Not to mention the fact that they will help you to increase your max load on a weighted squat or dead lift. Once you have performed a proper squat and you've gotten the tire off the ground, then your upper body gets a chance to work as well, as you must engage your chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and lats to actually push the tire over and finish the flip! Of course, your abdominal muscles must be engaged throughout the entire process to ensure proper form, and maintain strength and stability. Our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans were ready for this obstacle.  They had been flipping tires like champs for months prior to the race, in addition to many other total body conditioning exercises. Flipping tires is not a beginners exercise, but give Summit Fit Dojo's small group training classes a try, and you too will have build the strength, conditioning, and confidence necessary to flip that tire....and look cool doing it!

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