Obstacle Course Training | The Rucksack CarryThe Rucksack Carry obstacle was interesting to say the least.  If you don't know what a rucksack is then let me  explain.  A rucksack is a standard issued military "back pack".  It is extremely rugged as it is built on a metal frame, and it's large enough to carry all of the necessities....extra clothes, rations, first aid equipment, and more. During the Spartan Military Sprint the rucksacks contained weights.  To be more specific, the women's rucksack weighed 60 lbs, while the men's doubled that at 120lbs. With just over one mile left in the course, our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans, along with all of the other mighty participants, donned a rucksack and once again headed up one steep hill and back down.  Because of the weight of the rucksack and the incline of the hill, it was almost necessary to keep your upper body in a forward prone position, hinging just enough at the waist to keep from falling backwards, but not so far that your body fell forwards to the ground. By this point in the obstacle course each participant was feeling a bit fatigued.  Therefore, the rucksack carry was somewhat about strength, but more so about endurance. How's your endurance?  Do you feel like you need a break after each set in your workout?  Do you take a break after each lap you run, each mile you complete?  Are you able to keep pushing through and muster up that strength even when you are tired? The workouts at Summit Fit Dojo can help you to increase your endurance and strength regardless of your current fitness level. Our workouts are never the same twice, so your body is constantly challenged to "pull from the reserves".  We switch up our routines often to include both strength training and cardiovascular training.  We also mix up our style, and include HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), tabatas, weight lifting, kickboxing, long distance running, and more. And because we offer small group training, you benefit from a more personalized workout.  Our certified personal trainers work with each member individually to make sure that each person is training at a level that is appropriate for them, and will help them to achieve their fitness goals. So you decide....train with Summit Fit Dojo so that you too can conquer the rucksack carry in the next obstacle course race, or train to "lose the baggage" and increase your endurance and fitness level.  Either way...Summit Fit Dojo is a great place to train, with a strong community of coaches and members supporting you along the way!

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