Spartan Race Rope Climb Spartan Race Rope Climb With just a few obstacles left, the Spartan Military Sprint didn't hold anything back by offering the Rope Climb obstacle as one of the final challenges. If you think that any of the previous obstacles sounded intimidating...just imagine standing in front of a climbing rope that is covered from top to bottom in mud, and your missions...should you choose to accept to climb  15 feet to the top, using nothing but upper body strength and a positive attitude. I can honestly say that there were just as many Spartans completing the 30 burpee penalty as there were attempting to climb the rope. I'm sure you all remember the days of elementary school, when you would have to climb the big white rope in the gym as part of the presidential fitness testing.  Well, we were all cheated, as that rope had knots tied into it every few feet, allowing you to hook your feet and push with your legs as you pulled with your hands and arms. The Spartan rope climb obstacle contained no knots, unless they were in someones stomach!   How do you prepare for this obstacle? takes an immense amount of upper body and grip strength.  Our Summit Fit Dojo Spartans trained by completing many different types of upper body exercises, including their fair share of pull ups.  Our current Dojo has a full wall of pull up bars, and we use them on a daily basis.  For those that aren't quite ready to complete a full pull up, then we offer three modifications.  First, we offer our members the chance to complete 45 degree rows on ladder straps.  This builds upper body and core strength, and gets members ready for the next step...the assistance band.  Assistance bands range in size from 1" to 3", and absorb a portion of each members weight as they pull up on the bar.  Finally, we offer our members the option of negative pull ups.  When performing a negative pull up, you actually stand on a stool, chair, or box, so that you can raise your chin up over the bar with just one slight jump up.  Then, you must lower yourself back down slowly (count of 5) to the starting position.  All of these modifications help to build the strength and confidence necessary to take it to the next level...a full pull up. We are also very excited to mention that in our new location we were able to add a climbing rope to our program.  Our new climbing rope is 12' high....and has NO knots.  It's all business!   So, if you want to train for an obstacle, see if you could still pass the presidential fitness test, or just mix up your current training routine, try us out.  You''ll be climbing to new heights in no time at all!

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