Schedule your workouts just as you would any other important activity. Schedule your workouts just as you would any other important activity. Back to school.  Even typing the words fills me with anticipation and anxiety.  I have a son entering kindergarten, a son in preschool and a baby…so this is officially my first time going through the back to school madness, (and I am happy to say I have not yet been committed!) We have made it through the aisles of school supplies and survived the clothes shopping.  Our first day of official school is next week, so this week I am figuring out how we’re making it happen.   It’s a lot.  For the first time, we have to be certain places at certain times.  There’s no changing the schedule for the day because something else sounds more fun.  My son has to go to school every single day.   My other son is in preschool two days a week.  The house still needs to be cleaned, laundry done and food cooked.  We still have to mix in times with friends and family, and of course we work every day.  So where’s the time to breathe, much less workout?   For me, it’s not a time issue; it’s a commitment issue.  My schedule is tight for time, but I accomplish everything that needs to get done.  What if working out was as much of a commitment to your day as getting your kiddo to school?  What  if there was no option, it just had to fit in?  That’s my plan.  The only way I am going to survive all the hours in the car, soccer games, play-dates, work and activities is to focus on keeping myself happy and healthy.   Happy and healthy to me means working out and being fit.  My workout times will be scheduled.  That way, when I am running around like crazy, I at least know there is time set aside for me to focus just on me.  As we begin this school year, I challenge you to commit to yourself.

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