Many of you may have noticed that Summit Fit Dojo is making changes to their fitness schedule. With that said, there are several reasons why we are moving classes around. The attendance for certain classes have been relatively small for the 9:00 AM morning classes and 12 PM midday classes, so to find a happy medium we decided to move them to 10:30 AM on Tuesday / Thursday / Friday. This seemed to work for most of our clients that attended the 9:00 AM class and/or 12:00 PM classes. Now, I understand that this doesn't work for everyone, however, I am doing my best to make sure we can meet most of the needs for our clients. In addition, we moved a couple of classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM to a new slot -- 6:15 PM.  Again, we are trying to see if this would make it better for our clients that get off of work a bit later then normal.  We may even plan on adding a 6:15 PM class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that is to be determined.  If it's a high request, I'm more then happy to add that class slot. The next thing is that Lynn Voorhees will be leaving Summit Fit Dojo, and her last official day will be Wednesday, October 9th. We are sad to see her go, but she has some family matters that are more important to her, which I definitely understand. I wish her the best with her future endeavors. With the absence of Lynn, I am scrambling to merge classes, hire new fitness coaches, and get help from current fitness coaches to cover some of the classes that I will not be able to lead, due to scheduling conflict.  I teach all of my Karate classes from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and I unfortunately can not duplicate myself. I understand that many of us do not like change, with good reason.  But, please keep in mind that I am 100% dedicated to making sure we offer the best fitness classes to our clients and in our community. I will make sure that we hire qualified fitness trainers that know how to be great coaches, excellent motivators, and real people -- like you and me. I ask that you bare with us in this transition, and if you have any concerns or issues, please email me directly at, or just call at 303-920-4500. I look forward to helping all of you achieve your future fitness goals and current fitness needs. Sincerely, Coach Javier  

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