FitRanX Level Tests

I'm trying to get things organized with the procedure to best handle our FitRanX tests and training methods, to help all of you succeed in our new FitRanX fitness training ranking system. That means, we now have testing posters that tell you the exercises that need to be done for each level, for both men and women, but not the reps or time.  This will assist you in improving your training and preparation for the next FitRanX Level Test.   With that said, make sure you take a few minutes to look at the posters, and see what you need to prepare for, in order to pass your next FitRanX Test.  Summit Fit Dojo wants you to succeed when testing for a new fitness level!

FitRanX & Summit Fit Dojo WOD's

If you don't know, a WOD stands for Workout Of The Day.  So at Summit Fit Dojo, you basically have a WOD every day you come to a fitness training session. I have a special formula (no joke) that I use when creating my workouts for the week, and so does FitRanX.  Combine both of them, and we have hundreds of WOD's that we can use to make your workouts fun, interesting, and meaningful. Thus, we'll be implementing more FitRanX type workouts throughout your fitness training sessions, as this will allow you more "training time" with difficult and challenging exercises that are required to be performed during each FitRanX level test. But, don't worry, I won't be changing up our entire fitness program, as all of our clients love how Summit Fit Dojo handles their fitness training sessions and methods.  We'll still have Summit Fit Dojo exercises and workouts that are staples to our program (i.e. fitness kickboxing, sandbags, tires, etc.), but we'll make sure the WOD's for each day, again, are different, challenging, fun and purposeful. I believe that Summit Fit Dojo has a GREAT health and fitness program and can't wait to see us help impact our community, motivate our clients, and stand above the other fitness gyms in Westminster, CO. Coach Javier

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