So, after eating 1/10th of Turkey, a couple spoon fulls of mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauces, unhealthy green bean casserole, and 3 pieces of pie, you feel guilty -- right? Well, I'm sure this workout won't help you with your guilt, but it'll help you with your belly... sort of. We borrowed this from the Spartan Race Daily WOD. Main Workout: 150 seal jacks 15 burpees 15 pull-ups (if you don't have a pull up bar, do 30 tricep dips) 15 box jumps (or find an object that has a solid base that is about 12" high) 15 sandbag squat press (or use any kind of weight that you may have) 50 crunches 50 air squats 50 jumping lunges Run 1.5 miles If you're feeling REALLY guilty... then repeat this workout twice.  Otherwise, come to our Saturday morning class, and we'll put the hurt on you!

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