Many of you may have already seen the new faces leading our Small Group Personal Training sessions at Summit Fit Dojo.  And, if you haven't, you might be living under a rock! Anyways, we've hired 3 new fitness coaches that will be assisting Coach Javier in leading our fitness classes. Coach Krystal Loiler has been leading our 8:00 PM classes, and will soon be taking over a few more classes during the week.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise with her extensive background, and a fun personality to go along with it. Coach Alexa Jo Powell will be leading our 6:00 AM classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, while Coach Carol and I will switch off on Fridays.  Lexy (as she prefers to be called) has a degree in exercise science, is very well trained in fitness kickboxing, and loves the Colorado outdoors, as she's a transplant from Michigan. Coach Portia Willy has been an avid participant in our fitness sessions, and is now wanting to enter the fitness industry, and what better place than to join the Summit Fit Dojo team.  Many of you already know her work ethic, and she's no different as a fitness coach. To learn more about our new fitness coaches, go to our coaches page. And, please make sure you welcome these new coaches by doing an extra 30 burpees before class, a sweat angle after class, and hard work throughout your training.

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