So, we’ve been receiving phone calls over the past couple of hours with questions about our boot camps. I want to make the purchasing as easy as possible by answering some common questions.  If others come up, I’ll answer them throughout the day and post them on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are your classes offered? We offer them Monday – Friday, with a potential start of Saturdays beginning June, 18th (depending on demand).  Currently, here’s our fitness class schedule.  Basically, fitness classes are offered in the mornings, midday, and evenings
  • What does unlimited mean? It means you can attend 5 days per week… if your body can handle it.  Most of our fitness clients attend between 2 and 3 days per week and supplement their other days by going to the gym or going for a light run outside.  I’ve only seen one person attend 5 days in a row… regularly, and they were an athlete preparing for a figure competition (body sculpting).
  • Do you ONLY do Kickboxing? Nope!  We do EVERYTHING!  We train with kettlebells, sand bags, medicine balls, resistance bands, body weight training, running, interval training, etc.  Here’s a link to some a video with the various workouts we offer.
  • Can I show up when I like? We ask that you find a time slot that would work best for you and commit to it for the entire 6 weeks.  Again, go back to our fitness class schedule.  Once you find a time and day of the week, you would contact us and let us know what time slot you will commit to.  This will help us make sure we have enough floor space for everyone.
  • Can I come less? Sure!  I’m not going to MAKE you come more or less… it’s your choice.  But for people looking to get results, I make a recommendation.  However, if  you’re an active person, and climb mountains during your spare time, then you may wanna come less.
  • Do we fight people? Um…. no.  Yes, our program is called “Fighting Fit Boot Camp”, but no we do not fight people.  You workout.  You train.  You have fun.  You lose weight.  You use equipment or train on the heavy bags.  But there is NO contact on you, other then you getting so tired that you lay on the floor (or you fall and trip for some odd reason).
  • What’s the fitness level? It’s whatever level you want to make it.  Our workouts are VERY scalable.  You can push the intensity level up or down, depending on your fitness level.  You do not have to keep up with someone else, if you’re a beginner.  And you don’t have to play down your fitness if you’re in great shape.  Either way, I will make sure I motivate you to give me your best during every session.
  • What’s your age requirements? says 15 years old to purchase.  We want to do the same for fitness clients.  So, if you have a son/daughter under 15, we ask they wait until their birthday.
  • How do I make a reservation? Call or email me… or simply fill out the form on the right of this screen and I’ll contact you.  I’ll get back in touch with you and make sure we put you on the schedule for classes.
  • Where are you located? Go to our Contact Us page.  We are located on 120th Ave. and N. Tejon St. in the Park Centre Plaza.
  • Why can’t I attend 5 days per week?  Well, you could if you were the Incredible Hulk.  It’s more for your safety.  Your body needs time to recover.  Believe it or not, but you lose weight and build lean muscle more so on your rest days then on your workout days.  Your body needs rest.  A fact of life.
  • What if I miss a class? Well, unfortunately you can not make up those sessions.  Once you start your 6 week boot camp, the clock begins.
  • Can I combine my Deal with another offer you have? No. It’s sort of unfair for my other clients that actually pay full price for our fitness classes.  This is a one-time deal.
  • Do you train indoors or outdoors? We do both, depending on the weather.
  • Do you perform miracles? No.  Unfortunately I’m human just like you.  If you are looking to get results without putting in the work, then you will be widely disappointed.  Fitness and weight loss is a time commitment.  If you say you need to be “in shape” for your pool party on July 4th, then you may want to look elsewhere.  Honestly, anyone that guarantees that you will lose weight in 2 weeks or less is very gimmicky… The healthy way to lose weight is by following a proper nutrition and working out consistently.

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