P90XJust yesterday, I was talking to a few clients that had finished up their training for the evening. The topic… Insanity and P90X Just to paint the picture, our group personal training workout for the day 15 minutes of Wind Sprints and then 6 rounds of 3 minutes (18 minutes total) of Fitness Kickboxing. KILLER WORKOUT!!! But, our clients did AWESOME! At Summit Fit Dojo, our slogan is “Their Workout Is Our Warm Up”. We stand behind that slogan too. Now, Insanity and P90X are OK programs.  I do not endorse them though.  If you are looking for something to get you going or started, it’s better then doing absolutely nothing. However, at the end of our fitness class the group of clients I was talking to mentioned that our fitness training sessions are way harder and tougher then any other program they’ve been apart of — including Insanity, P90X and other fitness programs on the market or in town. Please keep in mind that our average client are not professional athletes or weekend warriors. Our average client are those who have a family, a job, too much going on in life, and fitness is difficult to schedule in with a busy life. With that said, many of them look at our workouts and say “wow, we’re REALLY doing that today” My response — “yep” with a big smile on my face. I’ve designed our program to resemble the fitness regimen I used as a professional athlete in Sport Karate, that also helped me win World Championship Title and Colorado State Championship Title.  I didn’t just do weights.  Or just cardio.  Or just fight.  Or just bag work. I did it all! I’ve taken that concept and created a workout that makes you train the entire body.  By doing so, you are gonna burn more calories in 30-45 minutes then you ever would in 60 minutes at a big box gym. So, how tough are my classes? I can’t answer that.  It’s relative.  It’s like asking how fast is the car on the lot?  You gotta test drive it before you buy it. With that said, I encourage everyone to at least TRY our fitness program for one FREE week and see what we are all about.  Trust me, you’ll be able to make it through the workout… but you’ll just end up leaving sweat angles on the floor when you leave. In our place, that’s a sign of accomplishment, not embarrassment.

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