FitRank-Revolutionary_logo_black_whiteBGHeads up to all you Summit Fit Dojo-er's that we will be hosting our first FitRanX test for 2014 on both Friday and Saturday, January 24th and 25th 2014. Clients must sign up for a time slot that is available in order to take the FitRanX test.  This allows us to make sure we have the appropriate fitness coach to test you to the next level.  Signup sheets will be at the front desk. Also, keep in mind, Summit Fit Dojo is taking a new approach to FitRanX Level Tests.  Instead of doing them during fitness classes, we will schedule them on a Friday and / or Saturday.  This allows for Head Coach Javier to see how everyone is progressing through the RanX, and allows you to bring a friend, family member, or kids to support and cheer you on!  Yes, we WANT you to bring people to your FitRanX Level Test because there are those moments where a cheering section is just AWESOME when you're trying to get through a tough FitRanX test. On Friday, we will have mid morning, mid day, and early evening available.  And on Saturday we will have morning available.  All small group personal training classes on Friday and Saturday morning will continue to operate as usual, we will just work around the classes. As mentioned in our fitness classes, you must be invited to Level Test for your next level RanX band by a fitness coach.  If they feel as though you are ready to test, they will give you an invitation sheet.  We will also go over the exercises PRIOR to your FitRanX level test, and get you a copy of the test ahead of time, so you are prepared. If you are testing for a higher level, such as Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5 -- please consult with Coach Javier before attempting.  We want to make sure you are well prepared when taking the test. So, signup, show up, and LEVEL UP! FitRanX_Postcard-02_4x6_frontside

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