Drink Water... Drink plenty of that fresh, clean, 100% agua. That diet soda you have on your desk, needs to be replaced by W-A-T-E-R. Did you know that your body is made up of 70% water? So why would you put something harmful in your body??? Therefore, you need to replace what you lose from sweating and normal day-to-day errands with water. And, since soda adds about 360 EMPTY calories to your body, replacing it with water = 0 calories. Fun Fact: Every professional athlete or personal trainer will tell you to start consuming more water through out the day. It naturally reduces your appetite to eat food, gives you smoother looking skin, and it's an excellent way to detoxify your body.

How much water should you drink? 

Here's a simple formula to help you make a calculation. Body Weight ÷ 2 = Number of ounces you should drink daily. For instance: I way 195lbs / 2 = 97.5 oz. needed to consume daily. To make it easy break it down like this. Drink 1 eight oz glass in morning when you wake up. Drink 1 eight oz glass 15 minutes before breakfast and 15 minutes after breakfast. Drink 1 eight oz glass 15 minutes before lunch and 15 minutes after lunch. Drink 1 eight oz glass 15 minutes before dinner and 15 minutes after dinner. Drink 1 eight oz glass before bedtime. Make sure to drink 3 or 4 eight oz glasses in between meals throughout the day. There you have it.  An entire day planned out for drinking water. Now, you may be running to the restroom quite a bit at the beginning, but your body is simply getting use to all this awesome WATER!!!

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