We're all guilty of this! Mom made her famous Meatloaf that she ONLY makes twice a year, and you need to get an extra slice to savor the taste.  You're probably better off putting that slice in a zip-loc bag and saving it for tomorrow. I'm a food lover as much as the next person.  But, in this world of Super Size and Biggie Value it's just too much!!! Not over eating is an important part to having a healthy and successful weight loss. Over eating creates bad eating habits, where you think you NEED to eat two Chipotle Burritos in order to have the slightest sense of satisfaction.  Plus, if you continue this practice, than you'll begin to eat even more than what your body should handle - resulting in weight gain... Plus, over eating can cause diabetes, cardiovascular problems, clinical depression, nutrient deficiencies, and cancer - to name a few long term affects. So how much should you eat? Great question!  And, it' s really SIMPLE. Look at your hand... If you're going for a Protein, it should fit in the Palm of your Hand. If you're going for Fruits, Veggies, and Grains - a Closed Fist will suffice. But I'm still hungry!!!  Did, you read my 1st Weight Loss Tip???  If not you should...  H20 is some AMAZING stuff... However, if you're not a client of Summit Fit Dojo, then you're missing out.  All of our Small Group Personal Training & 1-on-1 Fitness Training clients get educated on nutritional coaching.  That's right, our fitness coaches will help you make better eating habits -- AND we'll empower you with a nutritional guide that is designed to melt those inches off!

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