Crash diets have become a popular form of "losing weight" these past few years, in order to get fast results. People do these fake diets in order to look good in their swim suit when they go to Mexico in December. Not only is this dangerous to your body and health, but it doesn't even help you "lose weight".  All you lose is water weight.  You're not burning CALORIES. Burning calories and consuming less calories is your weight loss tip for the day. Here's what's wrong with crash diets. When you start eating less food and and skipping meals throughout your day you're creating a problem.  Your body thinks its running out of food (which it isn't) therefore making it harder to burn calories the natural way. Than, when you start to put food back into your body, since it was in this "State of Emergency", your body will begin to store all that food into fat cells because it's preparing for the next "starvation". This is the COMPLETE opposite affect of what you were intending... And, those gimmicks you see on TV, hear on the Radio, or read in Newspapers about losing 10 pounds in 1 week are all lies.  The average person loses about 2 pounds per week.  And that's actually training hard and eating a balanced diet. So the next time you need to lose 10lbs for your next vacation in Mexico, start about 2 - 3 months before the trip by eating healthy and exercising in one of Summit Fit Dojo's Small Group Personal Training sessions.  We will not only give you a better workout then your big box gym, but educate you with our nutritional coaching program.

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