Now many of you have heard about this one. And, this is thrown EVERYWHERE when a nutritionist or personal trainer puts you on a nutrition guide to lose weight.  It works if you follow it though. But, sometimes we don't follow it correctly and replace 'Small' with LARGE.  If you've been reading my Simple Weight Loss Tips so far, you'll recall that tip #2 is not Overeating. So, how are you suppose to eat 6 meals a day and NOT overeat?!??! Simple... keep the word small in there and create 6 small portions of food or meals. See, for the body to continue to burn calories it needs to be doing something, i.e. - exercise... or burn any food that is consumed. By setting up your daily meal plans to something similar to the below example, you'll start seeing results.

  1. Breakfast - Oatmeal
  2. Snack - Apple w/peanut butter
  3. Lunch - Tuna Sandwich
  4. Snack - Carrots w/hummus
  5. Dinner - Rice, veggies, chicken
  6. Snack - Protein shake
Than your body is CONSTANTLY burning calories, and you're feeding this machine that NEEDS some sort of fuel to burn, which is food. By following the Portion guideline in the Over Eating weight loss tip, you'll begin to realize how you can still have a substantial amount of food throughout the day. And, the snacks can be considered as "kindling" for the body... you need to give your body something to burn. When you begin to eat 6 small meals per day, than you will start to see a difference in your energy and waistline. One last note... the last snack in the evening should be before 7 or 8pm.  Don't eat a heavy meal before bedtime because your body won't have time to burn it and use the fuel correctly - thus it's a snack...

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