I bet you were thinking after reading the first 4 tips that your next weight loss tip wouldn't be exercise.  And, you thought you were off the hook! Wrong! Exercise is critical.  But, it's only as good as your diet. See, proper eating and dieting habits and no exercise may be good, but you won't get NEARLY the results you want to see in a decent amount of time. How much should you exercise per week?  How many hours per day? What should you do when you exercise? All of these are great questions, but you should ask yourself - "what's my goal?" If your goal is to simply shed a few extra pounds, trim up your waistline, and be healthier than I would recommend about 3 days per week of good fitness training for 30 to 45 minutes. By training 3 days per week, you're allowing your body to recover on those off days.  And, your workouts should combine a couple of things -- Strength Training and Interval Training.

Strength Training

This can be done in about 20-30 minutes.  Typically this involves lifting weights on either a machine or with free-weights - or if you're at home you can use resistant bands and medicine balls.  Try to work all the major muscle groups and focus on low weight and high repetition.  This will give you a lean and tone look, rather than the bulky body builder look.  Some of the exercises may work, or seem to work, the same muscle groups, which is fine.  This is normal due to how our muscles are layered.

Interval Training

Also known as Cardio Training, should be done after your strength training, for about 20-30 minutes.  Now, keep in mind, there are two types of cardio training.  1) Steady Pace - like a jog or run for about 2-3 miles and 2) Interval Training - high speed, high intensity workout with a short recovery period, than back to the high speed, high intensity workout. Personal trainers and professional athletes use this type training regimen to prepare for their sport because they get faster and better results. Studies have shown that interval training gives better results for one's strength, aerobic, and anaerobic. What this means is that you'll burn MORE calories 24-36 hours AFTER your workout... not bad huh? So, a good way to work on interval training is to do sprint / walks.  You sprint for a certain amount of time and walk to get your breath back.  Do that for the rest of your workout and you're done. By combining these two types of workouts, Strength and Interval training, and following my simple tips of eating healthy -  you'll be burning off the fat in no time! Summit Fit Dojo has a couple of  great Fitness Programs that focus on this. Fitness KickBoxing - You get to punch and kick a free-standing bag for 10 rounds and learn applicable self-defense skills. Small Group Personal Training - This is our new, small group fitness sessions offered in the early and mid mornings, and evenings. And, if you're interested in checking out any of our fitness programs, we are running a special: 21 Days of Fitness Training For $21!

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