One of the best things about our fitness programs is that it can be modified to meet and challenge ANY FITNESS LEVEL. Our team of certified personal trainers takes the time to work with each member one on one -- in a small group setting.  We take the time to get to know each of our members as individuals, not just as a number. We know our member’s names, birthdays, hobbies, interests, family, and we know our member’s physical strengths, as well as their physical opportunities and limitations. We don’t expect a new mom that has just been released medically to exercise again, to come into our fitness program and compete with a 20 something year old male that has been training with us for the past two years. We don’t expect a fit and energetic 30 something year old to keep pace with a fit and energetic 60 something. However... We do expect each person that walks through our doors to be ready for change, and give 110% in every workout. Recently I asked several members of the Summit Fit Dojo community to share with me why they chose us over another gym, and what in their mind sets us apart from the rest. Here is what some of them had to say: “I like the fact that Summit Fit Dojo is non-competitive.  Each person can start and progress at their own rate” “I can honestly say that in the 2 years that I have been training here I have NEVER done the same workout twice” “I appreciate the sense of accountability.  If I am not in class for a couple of days, I receive an email from my trainer, and that keeps me on track” “I like the fact that Summit Fit Dojo is not a “meat market”.  Some of the gyms that I have been to in the past had members that were all about being seen, instead of being about working hard” So, now that you have heard it directly from some of our members (who by the way are a mix of men and women ranging in age from the early 20’s to the 60-ish crowd) come and see for yourself why Summit Fit Dojo is NOT TOO HARD for you, and why you should become part of our fitness family… and BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN YOURSELF!

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