FitRanX January 2014 TestersSummit Fit Dojo hosted their first FitRanX Level Up Test for 2014 on January 24th and 25th, and it was a GREAT success! For those of you that don't know, FitRanX is a revolutionary fitness ranking system that has made working out more exciting.  When Summit Fit Dojo joined the FitRanX Team, they helped implement a system that keeps you motivated by creating a series of strength and conditioning exercises and standardized them into a testing format, by breaking them up into 3 age brackets for both female and males and placing 8 fitness levels. On Friday, January 24th, Summit Fit Dojo had 3 testing candidates that were ready to Level Up to the next level, or simply take their FIRST FitRanX test and see what all the hype was all about. New Summit Fit Dojo member, Megan H., but long time client (her kids train at The Dojo of Karate and were one of our first students) was intrigued by the challenge, so Coach Javier invited her to take the FitRanX Level 1 test.  She did great during the test and passed with flying colors.  "I was concerned about the 1 minute plank, as I usually can only do about 45 minutes, but I got through it!" said Megan after the FitRanX test. After Megan had tested, long time Summit Fit Dojo member Aimee M. took the Level Up test for FitRanX Level 4 and did AWESOME!  She had been training hard at Summit Fit Dojo for about 3 weeks, even after the Holiday break, by attending about 3 to 4 Small Group Personal Training sessions per week.  After some motivation, Coach Javier invited her to take the test, and she obviously passed Level 4. After the test, Aimee said that she was "concerned on doing the Kettlbell Snatches.  Doing 100 of them in 5 minutes, and figuring out when to change arms so you don't burn yourself out was the challenge." Finally, ending on a good note, Jerry A. took the FitRanX Level 2 test.  Jerry joined our Summit Fit Dojo team with his wife, Jen and son Jalen (he trains at The Dojo of Karate), just a few months ago.  He has a running back ground and enjoys the challenges that the FitRanX testing gives him. On Saturday, January 25th, new Summit Fit Dojo members Hyrum T. took the plunge to test for Level 1 and did amazing.  His fitness coach Krystal Loiler had been pushing and encouraging Hyrum during every session for the past 2-3 months, and he was 100% ready to Level Up and pass the FitRanX test. Coach Krystal said "I had no doubt that Hyrum would pass the FitRanX test as he's always working his tail off!" Finally, to cap off Saturday morning, long time Adult Karate student and Summit Fit Dojo member, Tanya E., told Coach Javier that she was planning on running the Spartan Military Sprint in Ft. Carson on May 3rd and 4th.  She wants something that gets her ready to not only Level Up in the FitRanX system, but also get her ready for the obstacle course race.  Well, she's training at the right place! Though there were a few spots where she struggled, she did awesome according to Coach Carol, who tested Tanya. When you see these 5 individuals during any of our fitness sessions, please make sure you congratulate them for their hard work and achievement!

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