As Summit Fit Dojo continues to grow and reach out to a variety of residents in Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton Colorado by helping clients achieve their fitness goals through our Small Group Personal Training sessions, the SFD fitness coaches also need to grow and increase their knowledge on how to best assist our clients training. This past weekend, Summit Fit Dojo hosted their second coaches training session in 3 months to make sure all clients are receiving the best fitness instruction possible.  This not only allows the coaches to be on the same page with Head Fitness Coach, Javier Lozano Jr, but also make sure clients are hearing consistent feedback from anyone leading a class. During this 4 hour training course, fitness coaches went through a variety of staple exercises performed at Summit Fit Dojo's Small Group Personal Training sessions, as well as all of the FitRanX exercises used to level up to the next rank. Not only were all the coaches spent at the end of the day, they had a really good understanding of why Summit Fit Dojo has such high expectations when it comes to coaching our fitness clients. We obviously want to make sure all of our clients train correctly to prevent an injury, but also to help them get the best out of their workout.  If you're going to be training for 40 minutes and don't perform a variety of exercises correctly, you could severely injure yourself or somebody else, hinder how effective an exercise can be, or simply perform miserably during a FitRanX Level Test. In addition, Summit Fit Dojo's Fitness Coaches took their next highest FitRanX test either a few weeks prior to the coaches training session, or a few days before, as they too are going through the RanX of FitRanX. Summit Fit Dojo Coaches With New FitRanX Certs Currently, our fitness coaches have the ranks of the following:

  • Alexa Jo Powell - Level 2
  • Portia Willy - Level 2
  • Javier Lozano, Jr - Level 2
  • Susan Lozano - Level 2
  • Krystal Loiler - Level 3
  • Carol LaBelle - Level 5
And, just an FYI, Coach Carol LaBelle is the ONLY person that is a FitRanX Level 5 at Summit Fit Dojo, which is REALLY awesome.  To even make things MORE challenging, Carol took her test at the lower age bracket too!!!  Talking about heart, determination, and hard work! And, some of you may wonder why Coach Javier is just a level 2.  Keep in mind that most of his attention and training has been in developing and growing his martial arts skills, but this year he has the goal of running all 3 Spartan Races to earn a Spartan Trifecta.  So, what better way to get Spartan ready, then to do the FitRanX training. Plus, Coach Javier is a big believer in leading by example, thus his desire to see how high he can get through the FitRanX system. So, the next time you see these coaches, congratulate them on their hard work, as they are ALWAYS happy to see your progress and growth in our fitness classes. Here's to a healthy and fit 2014!

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