Just two weeks ago, Summit Fit Dojo had their 2nd FitRanX testing for 2014.  Members stepped up, achieved some lofty goals, and demonstrated their inner strength to get through some challenging exercises FitRanX has to offer. With that said, here's a brief Press Release we launched a few days ago.  To get the actual full write go to our Press Release Site called PRUnderground.

  • First time FitRanX tester, Joy C. took the 1st step in becoming successful with our FitRanX system, she showed an interest and a zeal to be apart of the fitness revolution!  After talking with one of the Fitness Coaches, Joy signed up to take the Level 1 FitRanX test.  Joy destroyed the test, and is getting ready to train for level 2.
  • Megan H. went after it, after only having 1 month between the two levels.  And, success seems to always follow her, as she did great throughout the entire portion of the FitRanX Level 2 testing.
  • Also testing for FitRanX Level 2 was Tanya E., who just tested for Level 1 last month.  As mentioned before, her goal is to run in the Spartan Military Sprint in Ft. Carson in May, thus she's been taking her training to the next level.  She had a few exercises that were too challenging for her to get through, but with her killer instinct, great attitude and determination, we're sure confident she'll do awesome we and we'll get her there!
  • As for FitRanx Level 3, Summit Fit Dojo had 2 candidates take the test.  Long time client Marek B. and newcomer, Jerry A.  Marek pushed through just fine, passing the Level 3 test, even though there were a couple places he needed to dig deep.
  • Jerry A., enjoys completing in a variety of Iron Man's and Ultra Marathons and is having fun with the FitRanX tests.  And, true to his training / running schedule, he went for a 21 mile run the day before and tried to get through the test, but didn't have enough gas in the tank.  And, as a humble athlete, he was gracious enough to say he will come back stronger for the next test, and even more prepared.  We're sure he'll pass Level 3 this month!
  • Summit Fit Dojo's own fitness coach -- Coach Krystal also took the FitRanX test for Level 4.  And, though she has aspirations of becoming a YouTube sensation, Coach Krystal excels more in helping her clients perform at their best during every session.  After about 3 months between her last FitRanX test, Coach Krystal came in making Level 4 look easy.  So, she obviously passed!
  • Next was the FitRanX Level 4 test for Jen A., the wife of Jerry.  She has some challenges that does not allow her to run / bounce for a long duration, or her cav muscles swell up very quickly -- making it extremely painful, but she didn't let that stop her!  Jen trained up to get through Level 4 and honestly made the test look easy!  We're thinking of dropping her back one age group because she's killing it!
  • Finally, Pete G. took his Level 5 test, in attempt to join Coach Carol as the ONLY Level 5 FitRanXer's at Summit Fit Dojo.  Pete had been training hard for this test for the pass 3 to 4 months, and understood the challenges that Level 5 presented in itself.  And, the results were pretty amazing, with him pushing through and successfully passing.
Summit Fit Dojo had an amazing outing of FitRanX testers, with clients stepping up to the test and seeing how much they have improved.  And, though we had a couple of Summit Fit Dojo members fall short in the test, we know they will come back strong.  This is just a bump in the road! We are so proud of every single one of our members, and can't wait to see the rest of our clients Leveling Up!

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