Summit Fit Dojo is always looking for ways to partner with corresponding businesses or organizations that have the same aspirations and goals, and this new partnership with Colorado Shine Basketball is no different. After talking to Head Basketball Director, Rob Pierson, Summit Fit Dojo and Colorado Shine Basketball have made the move to be partners. What does this mean??? It gives Colorado Shine members a home to actually train on their strength and conditioning with a certified personal trainer that understands your needs and motivates you to push through every challenging workout. So, instead of having a trainer GIVE you a workout and EXPECT you to do the workout, our certified personal trainers will create the workout and coach you every step of the way. Summit Fit Dojo is a personal training fitness studio in Westminster, CO that specializes in creating customized workouts that are extremely scalable -- depending on your fitness level or athletic needs. Plus, we are apart of a revolutionary fitness ranking system called FitRanX -- the only standardized fitness testing system of its kind that can literally place a fitness value on athletes -- without using some sort of weird mathematical equation. Below, Coach Javier - Owner and Head Fitness Instructor as Summit Fit Dojo explains how FitRanX can help elevate your game in practice and on the court, and potentially take you to an elite status. So, if you're looking to up your game, improve your explosion, increase your vertical, strengthen your core, and develop better mental toughness -- Summit Fit Dojo has the right fitness program for you. And, feel free to check out our Colorado Shine Basketball page that explains more about our Youth Athlete Development Program. Colorado Shine Basketball Logo

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