So, with Summer approaching us, Summit Fit Dojo has decided to move a couple of Small Group Personal Training classes to new time slots -- as a "test" and an accommodation for the Summer. We will be moving the Tuesday / Thursday 10:30 AM classes to Monday and Wednesday at 11:30 AM.  However, we'll keep the 10:30 AM class on Fridays the same. All of this will be effective May 11th, 2014. In addition, after some requests and conversations with clients & fitness coaches, we will be starting ALL 6:15 PM classes at 6:30 PM instead, as this seems to work with people that get off of work a bit later or an overlap due to the earlier session. Remember, Summit Fit Dojo has nearly 20 sessions in their fitness schedule throughout the week, and we're sure you'll make time in your day to reach your goals, as ALL of our coaches are 100% dedicated in helping you reach your goals.

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