Just a reminder, we will be CLOSED on Memorial Day Weekend.  That's Saturday, May 24th and Monday, May 26th. Enjoy your time with your family. If you are a veteran or active member of the military, we truly thank you for EVERYTHING you have done to help us live in a FREE Nation.  Your service to our country is greatly appreciated.  And we wouldn't have this freedom if it wasn't for your sacrifice. For those that feel the urge to workout, instead of doing 12oz curls or drinking a margarita (more calories then you can imagine), here's a workout for you. And, if you DON'T workout over the Memorial Day weekend... trust us.  We will make sure you pay the price come Tuesday or Wednesday. Love, Your coaches at Summit Fit Dojo

Saturday, May 24th Workout

Warm up for 5 minutes doing jump rope or running in place.

Quick Power Workout

All exercises must be done fast with form. 10 Fire Flies 10 V Ups 10 Deep Squats (butt to calf if you can, but keep good form) 10 Clapping Push Ups Repeat 3 times and record your time.  Take a 90 second break. Do it again and BEAT your previous time. Stretch & Cool Down.

Monday, May 26th Workout

Warm up for 5 minutes doing jump rope or running in place. Go for a 40 minute run, with no distance in mind. Every 5 minutes stop and 15 Burpees. Stretch & Cool Down.

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