A few of you guys have asked us to do another nutritional contest because it supposedly "keeps you on track".  Well, in all honesty, if you're training at Summit Fit Dojo, you shouldn't need a contest to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.  With our coaching, guidance and knowledge, following proper nutrition should be something you already do on a daily basis. So, starting on June 2nd, in order to help our clients get in a better habit, we are having a Nutritional Contest based on your food logs.  This contest will take place the ENTIRE month of June.

This Is How The Nutritional Contest Will Work

Starting next week, we'll provide you with a Summit Fit Dojo food log.  You will need to write EVERY meal you have and try to be specific.  Don't say say "sandwich".  We want to know the bread, condiments, meat, etc.  Or if you have pizza, we want to know if it was homemade or from Pizza Hut?  What were the toppings?  How many slices did you have? Every week you turn in the Food Log and have your fitness coach review it, you get your name placed in a fish bowl.  At the end of 4 weeks, you could have your name in a fish bowl four times.  However, there are also some bonuses.  Every week that you ONLY have 1 cheat day, you get to place your name in the fish bowl AGAIN!  So, if you have 3 cheat days in one week, then you miss out on the bonus.  If you have zero cheat days, you are an over achiever! The goal is to get our clients back in a habit of turning in food logs, tracking what they eat, and learning more about nutrition. Many, if not all of you should have a copy of our Basic & Advanced Nutrition guides.  If you don't, please ask one of your coaches, and we'll get you a copy. At the end of June, we'll do a drawing for a gift card to a local restaurant.  That way you can go splurge on one of your "cheat" days.

What's the purpose of this nutritional contest?

To help you get better results in your training.  See, losing weight and getting in shape is not just about fitness training, but also about nutrition.  If we can educate our clients to follow proper nutritional habits, we'll empower them to make the best decisions possible. So, make sure you ask your fitness coach or personal trainer about certain foods to avoid, what to eat before or after a workout, and anything else you may have questions about. We want to make our clients successful, and the only way to do that is by holding you accountable. When you come to class on Monday or Tuesday next week, make sure you get a food log from your coach!

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