It's already June in Colorado.  And what does that mean? Fun lawn games at the park or one of your friends house, such as washers, corn hole, ladders, bocce ball, or anything else. And, a lot of the times the house rules are that you MUST have an alcoholic beverage in your hand.  It supposedly evens out the playing field...  From my understanding, I believe these are rules that have carried over from college. Couple the lawn games with a nice, greasy burger or bratwurst with all the fixings, and a variety of side dishes such as potato salad, chips, dips, and the "healthy" veggie tray with ranch --  and you have a recipe for 2,000+ calories in less then 6 hours! Mind you, the average calorie intake for an American should be approximately 2,000. Don't believe us?

Rough Estimate of Calories During Summer Fun Days

  • Hamburger w/fixings - 500 calories
  • Bratwurst w/fixings - 300 calories
  • Potato Salad (1 serving) - 400 calories
  • Potato Chips (1 oz) - 150 calories (we know you can't just have one)  Most would have 3 to 5 ounces in this case...
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie (only 1) - 75 calories
  • Beer (12 oz can) - 200 calories
  • Mixed Drink (6 oz) - 250 calories (this includes the mixed drink and shot, and we all know it's not 6 ounces)
When you add this up, it comes to 1,875 calories -- and that's if you actually ONLY have one of each.  Nothing more.  Again, we know that's not realistic. The point of all this is to educate our clients that consuming all of these fun and enjoyable foods and drinks will hinder your goal of achieving fitness success -- the main reason why our clients join one of Summit Fit Dojo's personal training fitness programs. Are we trying to make you feel guilty? Well, if we did - AWESOME!  But in all reality, no we are not trying to make you feel bad.  In all actuality, we encourage our clients to have 1 cheat day per week.  That way they have an opportunity to enjoy themselves.  The only issue is that 1 cheat day turns into 2.  Then 3.  And finally 7.

How Do You Resist The Temptations?

Well, it's not easy, but the best way to resist some of these temptations is to simply eat and drink healthy meals before you go to the event.  So, that you don't overindulge in all the goodies. Or, you can bring some healthy food choices, such as a salad or fruit bowl.  Yes, it's not the same, but you're still hanging out with your friends. You can also skip the buns -- which carry a ton of calories and other ingredients bad for the body. Another way is to track your meals with a food log, like the one's we offer at Summit Fit Dojo.  That way, when you record all the stuff you ate, you begin to feel slightly guilty because you are writing down your meals.  It then makes you want to make changes and adjustments to your overall diet. And, if you need assistance with your nutrition, Summit Fit Dojo has a nutritional coaching program that has been proven to give results in just 30 days. So, enjoy your 1 cheat day during the week, but make wise & healthy food choices throughout the week, so you feel like you've "earned" your cheat!

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