When people join Summit Fit Dojo, and learn about our nutritional coaching, they are shocked on why we are strict on certain things.  Like no alcoholic drinks during the week. And don't get us wrong, your fitness coaches at Summit Fit Dojo also enjoy their beers, wines, and mixed drinks -- but it's all in moderation and planned out. We have some clients that need a beer or glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day.  Yes, we know.  You have a stressful job.  Your boss sucks.  Your customers can get a bit difficult.  Or the demand of your job is challenging.  We get it.  But having 1 drink per day is actually doing more damage then you think.

How To Loose 1 Pound of Fat

If you are trying to loose 1 pound per week, which is VERY healthy, then you need to cut out approximately 3,500 calories in one week.  That's 500 calories per day.  So, if you eat 2,000 calories in a day, you would need to have a 500 calorie deficit each day in order to reach your goal at the end of the week, or eat 1,500 calories. Some of that can be done by working out in a Small Group Personal Training program, such as the one's at Summit Fit Dojo, as they have been proven to burn anywhere from 500 to 750 calories in 1 session.

Calories Aren't Created Equal

The big mistake made by so many individuals is that they think all calories are created equal, and that's just not so.  Just because an item has 200 calories doesn't mean that the other bad things in the packaged food isn't going to do more damage. Example -- beer or wine. Beer or wine have about 200 calories per serving.  But are you taking into account the amount of sugar(s) in the product?  So, the added sugar will eventually turn into fat because it's not being used.  So, it gets stored in your fat cells. Where am I getting at? If you have 1 drink at the end of the day during the week, and a couple of drinks on Saturday evening, then you are drinking almost 1,400 calories in one week -- on top of your normal calories during the week to simply function, so 2,000 calories per day. So, you're putting on close to, if not more then a 1/2 pound of fat per week.  Do that for 52 weeks... And, you're overweight by nearly 25 pounds, if not more. And, that's if you actually eat a healthy, balanced diet throughout the week, train at a personal training studio, and stay active on the weekends. Get the picture?

We Love Cheat Days!

This is why Summit Fit Dojo encourages their clients to have 1 cheat day per week.  Learn to curve and master your cravings by eating healthy all week, consuming plenty of water, and snack on nutrition foods between meals.  Then, on a Friday or Saturday night,  indulge in something sweet / savory.  You've "earned" it!

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