This is a common question that comes up from clients train at Summit Fit Dojo.  And, it’s mainly because most people just don’t like to run. Well, at one point, I didn’t like to run either!  But, what I learned is that running is one of those training exercises that delivers a lot of bang for your buck. First, let me make it clear that running does not only burn fat and melt calories.  So, if all you do is run, and you expect to lose 30 pounds, well… you’ll be severely disappointed.  However, running is a component used to help our personal training clients lose weight & get in bikini shape.

Reason #1 - More Oxygen

When you've been running regularly, you will be able to deliver more oxygen to your brain.  Your leg muscles are some of the biggest muscles that pump blood throughout your entire body, so taking those long 30 to 45 minute runs will help oxygenate your brain cells. In addition, training those legs to “feel the burn” throughout your running activity will help your brain operate more effectively.  And, we all know the importance of an efficient brain.  You'll less likely be a vegetable when you get older, and more likely resemble the famous Jack LaLanne.

Reason #2 - Healthy Heart

Running gives you a stronger & healthier heart.  Your heart needs to be pushed, consistently, just like your brain.  So, if you want your heart to pump sufficient blood cells &  oxygen throughout the body, you need to train it so it functions at it's peak.  Running will train the heart to work at a higher level and allow the heart to work more efficiently.  Plus, if you have a healthy heart, you are minimizing the potential of coronary heart disease (CHD) — the #1 leading causes of death to Men & Women in American.

Reason #3 - Colorado!

You live in Colorado!  One of the most ACTIVE & FITTEST states in our nation, according to Forbes.  There aren't many places where you get 300 days of sunshine along with stunning mountain views — daily.  Find a local trail in your area (there are tons!) park your car, and go for a 30-45 minute run.  Doesn’t have to be at a high intensity.  Just steady state, moderate.  While you’re running remember that you live in a great state with other active individuals with the same goal.  To stay fit, be healthy, and chase those kids around in the park. Now that you know the importance of running, we ask that you start taking care of the one thing you have complete control of… your health. If you need help in putting together an exercise program that actually gives you results, or if you need more accountability -- Summit Fit Dojo is a professional personal training studio in Westminster, CO that has helped hundreds of clients achieve fitness success with a variety of fitness programs & nutritional coaching.

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