The Paleo Challenge is a 6 week contest, based on points. The person with the most points at the end of the 6 weeks will be crowned our winner — winning a COOL prize.

Why are we doing the Paleo Challenge?

There are two main reasons why we are following the Paleo Challenge.
  1. Some of our clients have asked about a fitness / nutritional contest, as it’s a great motivator for our clients to stay on track with their nutrition and fitness goals.
  2. Eating Paleo isn’t necessarily the “best diet” but it’s a nutritional program that gives my clients great results in a shorter amount of time.
Please make sure you ask your trainer for a copy of our Advanced Nutrition - which is our Paleo Challenge Book. We have it on a CD and it’s labeled “Advanced Nutrition” in the file.  This nutritional guide is ONLY for our clients, as it is licensed and copyrighted. If you’ve already started, then make sure you stay on track. The key thing here is to be honest with yourself, since you’ll be the one tracking your points. If you make a bad choice, don’t let that turn into a bad day, which can turn into a bad week. Make smart choices. The Paleo Challenge will go from July 15th to August 25th. You will start off with 100 points each and everyday. The more points you earn, the better off you’ll be at the end of the contest. How To Earn Points
  • 1 point for every workout you have at Summit Fit Dojo
  • 5 points for a before picture
  • 5 points for an after picture
  • 5 points for before measurements
  • 5 points for after measurements
  • 5 points every week you turn in your food log
How to LOOSE Points
  • Minus 1 point for every food you should avoid (look at the list). Wether it’s 1 bite of cheese, or a block of cheese, it’s still minus 1 point
  • Minus 1 point for less then 3 workouts per week. If you come to Summit Fit Dojo twice per week, then sneak in a 3rd workout here, or on your own
  • Minus 5 point for not turning in your food log once per week (beginning or end)
Good luck to all of our clients! This contest can be life changing for you, as we’ve experienced with plenty of our clients.

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