Thanksgiving is just an awesome time of the year!  This is a time where you get to reflect over the past 12 months and give thanks for all the blessings, gifts, opportunities, friendships, and changes that have taken place in your life. I also enjoy Thanksgiving because it gives me an opportunity to test some of my culinary skills with new recipes. What I'm trying to get to is that I would like to share with you some awesome and healthy Thanksgiving recipes that I've found on a website that I spend a bit too much time on. It's called Mark's Daily Apple. It's a website based on "primal living in the modern world". Checkout the site to learn more about it.  Like I said, I'm a HUGE fan of his blog. Anyways, here are some great recipes that I think you'll enjoy.  Many of them I've actually tried and done myself, while others are new to me and sound VERY appetizing.


Heritage Turkey & Mashed Parsnips -- If you don't like that dry turkey flavor over Thanksgiving, try a heritage turkey.  These birds are considered the best because of the extra dark meat, fat, and flavor compared to the normal Butterball birds.  But, not to worry, this recipe will work with any turkey you choose. Foolproof Prime Rib -- Yea, yea... we get it.  Prime rib isn't "traditional" during Thanksgiving.  Who cares?  I once hosted Christmas with my sister's family and made pizza.  Anyways, I've made this recipe last year before, and it was amazing.  You honestly can't screw this one up.  If you do, don't ever enter the kitchen again.


Best Ever Paleo Thanksgiving Stuffing -- I actually have a sensitivity to grains (wheat, rye, barley, hops, gluten, etc) so I can't eat traditional stuffing, or I'll suffer for 3 days.  So, I plan on giving this stuffing a whirl.  If you try it, let us know.  Just reading the ingredients is making my mouth salivate. Paleo Stuffing -- And, for those that would like more of a "bread" like stuffing, try this one.  It has maple syrup in it, so a bit sweater, but I'm all about sweat and salty.


Bacon Brussels Sprouts With Brown Butter Vinaigrette -- As a man, I love bacon.  And, unfortunately I really love brussel sprouts.  Combine the two, and it's heaven in your mouth.  I've made this recipe a few times and it's amazing. Vegan Green Bean Casserole -- Who doesn't like green bean casserole during Thanksgiving?  Now, your stomach may not like you after eating all that dairy, which is why this "healthier" alternative will spare you the stomach aches so you can have seconds.


Mashed Cauliflower -- I'm a fan of cauliflower.  Roasted, boiled, saluted, and mashed.  Don't worry, it has plenty of butter! Roasted Butternut Squash Puree -- There are two reasons why I enjoy fall.  1) It's one season away from Winter so I can snowboard.  2) Winter squashes.  And, when you mash / puree these puppies, you've got yourself a make-shift-mashed-potato.


Simmered Cranberry Sauce & Spicy Cranberry Relish -- I'm not a huge cranberry sauce fan.  It's mainly a texture thing.  But, this recipe really spurred my attention, so I might give it a go.


Paelo Maple, Pumpkin Custard Cups -- Let's be honest here.  It has maple & pumpkin, blended into a custard.  I don't think it gets any better then this... Primal Pumpkin Pie & Primal Apple Pie -- The crust is why most people enjoy a true pie, so you are gonna have to be open minded about this crust.  But, I will say that I've had almond meal based crusts and they are fine.  I truly enjoy them. Well, I hope you enjoyed this list of recipes.  Feel free to try them out this Thanksgiving and let us know how they did for your family and friends.  I understand that some of these recipes are a bit of a fetch for a traditionalist, but for those that want to enjoy Thanksgiving without the gilt, these are a great healthy alternative. Happy Thanksgiving!

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