On Saturday, February 28th @ 8:15 AM, Summit Fit Dojo will be hosting a FREE Nutrition Seminar that is open to public -- clients & non-clients of Summit Fit Dojo. So, if you are a resident of Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton or any other surrounding towns and you need some assistance with your nutrition, this is a great opportunity for you to learn & get a grasp on your food.

Why Are We Hosting A Free Nutrition Seminar?

Well, the main reason is that clients have been asking more about nutrition, from turning in food logs, to sending emails, Summit Fit Dojo clients still need some more guidance on how to eat correctly.  More importantly, they need to be able to make better educated decisions when eating and selecting foods. However this is also a way for Coach Javier, owner and head fitness instructor, to give back to his community by assisting in an area that so many people struggle in.

Summit Fit Dojo Nutritional CoachingWhat Will Be Covered During The Free Nutrition Seminar?

The 3 main topics that will be covered during this 45-minute free nutrition seminar will be 1) food prepping, 2) grocery shopping, and reading food labels. When a client begins training at Summit Fit Dojo, one of their biggest challenges in following our nutritional coaching guide is food prepping.  Whether it's not having enough time to prepare meals ahead of time, not knowing what and how much to prepare, when to schedule your "cooking sessions", etc -- clients always have a struggle from their normal routine. In addition, a common struggle is figuring what to buy and how to read food labels.  And, even though, our nutritional coaching guide gets rid of the guessing game, some clients still have a hard time breaking from their normal "go-to" foods. That's where getting more educated is critical and important. If you are interested in reserving a spot for our free nutrition seminar, then we suggest you guarantee your place online by clicking the button below. Reserve My Spot For Nutrition Seminar Space is limited to only 30 people, so please make sure you reserve your spot ahead of time, so we can accommodate everyone attending.  

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