This past weekend, one of Summit Fit Dojo's clients, Megan Hanson, competed in her 2nd Natural Body Championships and placed 4th in her Figure Division. What's even more amazing is her extraordinary story. Megn_Before_AfterNearly 10 years ago Megan was over 100 pounds overweight.  She did not take fitness & nutrition seriously, and was leading the path to a shorter life span. However, she decided to make a lifestyle change.  During her 1oo pound weight loss journey, she has done many of the fad diets, fad workouts, and fad -- anything.  But, at least it was a start. During the process, she began to learn more about fitness & nutrition, eventually leading to her current job as a Life Coach. When Summit Fit Dojo started to offer Fitness Kickboxing classes back in 2009, she decided to try the sessions.  Eventually she began getting into 5K's, 10K's, and 1/2 marathons -- thinking that these events would get her lean, strong and toned. She realized that even though she was running SO much, she wasn't going to get get the results she truly desired. Than, in May 2014, Megan approached me and asked if I could train her for a Bikini Competition that would be coming up in September 2014. I was intrigued by the challenge and decided to help her out, train her, and prepare her for this competition. Let's now fast-forward to today where Megan is right now. Megan 100 pound journey She's down to about 17% body fat and weighing at 147 pounds.  Just one year ago, she was at nearly 24% body fat and 148 pounds and has put on more lean muscle mass then ever before. She's stronger, more fit, and has more confidence, and is simply an inspiration to everyone around her. Her next competition will be taking place on June 20th at the Front Range Natural Bodybuilding Championship, followed by the Mile High Natural Body Championships on August 22nd.

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