"I signed up for Summit Fit Dojo's Fitness Classes at the beginning of the year in an order to help get back active and in shape. I can't say enough good things about what I saw. I made a strong effort to be there as much as I could & averaged 3-4 days a week. The differing workouts of kettle bells, kick boxing and many others made each class fun, interesting & always challenging. After a while, I was able to fit back into my old jeans again (& the ones I had been wearing I can't any more because they are too big). I even got yelled at a little because I made a lot of smoke in the house one morning. Why? Because my belt had no more holes to tighten it enough, so I had to burn/melt new holes so that I could still use my belt! Awesome place, great people to work out with & definitely worth the sweat equity!"
Josh K. - 32 yrs old Husband, Father & Automotive Advisor

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