Summit Fit Dojo Partner ChallengeThis Fall, Westminster personal training studio, Summit Fit Dojo  will be hosting their first 6 Week PARTNER Transformation Challenge. This isn't like your normal body transformation challenge that you may have done in the past -- this is a 6 week challenge that can be done with a PARTNER. That's right. If you have a friend, spouse, or significant other that may be interested in joining a professional fitness program that can help you lose over 20 pounds, get you tight and toned buns, skinnier hips and thighs, and shed that unwanted belly fat -- than contact Summit Fit Dojo, as we have a limited amount of spots available for their Partner Body Transformation Challenge. Our 6 Week Partner Transformation Challenge only has 20 spots available, so that means 10 couples / friends can join this transformation program.

Why Do We Only Have 20 Spots?

Summit Fit Dojo is a personal training studio that likes to keep sessions under 12 participants per training session.  This allows you the opportunity to have a more personal training experience with Certified Personal Trainers, without the heavy cost. In addition, when you join Summit Fit Dojo's 6 Week Partner Transformation Challenge, all participants will have FULL access to ALL group personal training sessions and kickboxing / self defense sessions that are offered on the training schedule. Summit Fit Dojo has over 20 sessions throughout the week, allowing clients to train as early as 6:00 AM or as late as 8:00 PM -- even on Saturday mornings.

What Do You Get When You Join?

  • Drop OVER 20 pounds of unwanted FAT
  • Personalized meal plans and shopping list
  • Drop at least 3 dress sizes
  • Lose over 4 inches around your waist
  • Unlimited coaching in a small group
  • Unlimited fitness sessions with a personal training coach
  • Bonus gifts to help you stay on track for 6 weeks and beyond
  • 6 Weeks Of UNLIMITED fitness training to all sessions

When Is The 6 Week Partner Transformation Challenge?

Our kickoff meeting will take place on Monday, October 12th at 8:00 PM.  This is where we will explain how our transformation challenge will actually work. Since this is a partner challenge, your "team" will have an opportunity to work together in earning points -- from attendance, to weight lost, to inches melted, to turning in food logs, and many other ways of earning points. This format allows EVERY team an equal opportunity to win the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the challenge.

How Do You Reserve Your Spot?

Simple. Click the link below and register online. start_burining_fat_link_click

It's complete FREE to register, but again, we only have 20 spots available.

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