Summit Fit Dojo FitRanX TestAs many of you know, Summit Fit Dojo offers the revolutionary fitness ranking system called FitRanX. This is a standardized fitness ranking system that helps you reach your fitness goals through achieving fitness levels through the FitRanX protocol of strength and conditioning exercises. The great thing about FitRanX is that it makes your training sessions more focused by giving you goals to achieve. In the process you begin to also get stronger, improve your core strength, increase your conditioning, and gain more confidence in your overall physical abilities. Recently, Summit Fit Dojo had a couple of fitness tests that took clients through their respected level test. A couple weeks ago, Summit Fit Dojo tested their 1st client to FitRanX Level 6. Now to some, this may not be a big deal, but in reality it truly is. Aimee Miligan, who has been training at Summit Fit Dojo for over 3 years has not only gotten stronger, but has improved her overall fitness level. Some elements in the strength exercises included 8 pull ups 15 squats at 100 pounds (she weighted 125 pounds), and overhead barbell presses of 45 pounds, to conditioning exercises such as 1-leg box jumps, clapping push ups, double kettlebell swing complexes,  and kettlebell swing with resistance band -- Aimee made the test look quite easy. Now this WAS NOT the entire test, but just an idea. To actually know what the FitRanX Level 6 test is like... you have to qualify for it... by passing all of the other fitness tests that FitRanX has below level 6. Plus, there are ONLY 62 lucky individuals in the WORLD that are a FitRanX Level 6... which speaks volume on the difficulty of the tests. In addition, on Saturday, October 3rd four more lucky Summit Fit Dojo clients were selected to take their next FitRanX tests too.

  • Brad S. tested for Level 3
  • Anne M. tested for Level 2
  • Zeel P. tested for Level 1
  • Tammi N. tested for Level 1
Everyone that tested for their next level kicked butt and made the test look easy... even though it wasn't easy. Why did it look easy...?  Because they train hard during every session and have a goal of improving everyday.  Plus, their training sessions have become more focused, all while still achieving personal goals. Here's a quick little highlight of this past weekends tests. Congratulations to ALL of our clients that passed their FitRanX tests.  It was awesome seeing you guys gain so much success on this awesome day.

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