"Javier Lozano is a maniac that pushes you to your own limits and then encourages you beyond. I am 53 years old and received a Summit Fit Dojo gift certificate from my daughters. What do you say? I went with them for the 6-week adventure resolving to just endure it. I was amazed at how hard I could push myself and I was encouraged by Javier's coaching that was a firm, take-no-prisoners approach, but when it got the most difficult was when he would come along side with coaching and encouragement. The biggest thing I had to get past (besides getting up off the floor for the first week or so) was that it was ok to go your pace and not to be distracted by the performance of everyone else in the class. I have a short attention span, too, so I really did well with the way he mixes up the exercises and there was a different routine every time. At the end of 6 weeks, I feel good, I am better disciplined, and on top of it all I lost about 15 pounds! I think I have the resolve now to continue on with healthier eating habits and exercise--two concepts that weren't in my bag of behaviors. There is so much more to this than just a workout. Enroll with one of your friends or family member and join them in the challenge! It will change lives."
Jeff M. - 53 yrs old Father of 2 & Cinema Editor

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