These past few days have been quite special for me.

See, on Friday, I had the honor of putting my top fitness client, Aimee Milligan through her first FitRanX Level 7 test.  

I than had a Martial Arts Summer Camp finish on Friday, which was a 1-week long camp for kids.

After that, I had to drive south to Pueblo to meet my wife for a date night.  Her parents live in Rye, CO and she usually goes to her parents house for a few days when I have my 1-week long camps.  She rarely sees me during the week, and the kids get to see their grandparents.

Obviously I got to spend time with my family for Father’s Day.  And, I will say, being a Dad is literally one of the best things a man can experience.  Watching my son play on 4 acres of land, my daughter smile while swimming in the pool, and spending 9 holes on the golf course with my wife was awesome.

But, I’m not here to discuss about my weekend… I’m here to talk about my top fitness client, Aimee.

See, Aimee has been training at Summit Fit Dojo for over 4 years.  She’s one of our longest standing clients and hardest working person I know.

When I say she can run circles around anybody, I mean it.  

But, she’s not some sort of superhuman, speciman, female freak.

She’s a wife to Patrick, a mom to 2 beautiful kids, and a top sales person at her company.  She’s like anyone else… except… she isn’t.

Aimee’s journey to get to FitRanX Level 7 started pretty simple, but took a turn when she tried to take the Level 6 test nearly 18 months ago.  

I remember testing her and having to fail her for Level 6 the first time she took it because she kept stopping during one of the exercises.  

I had failed her in preparing her to pass the Level 6 test.  And, she was pissed off that she didn’t pass.  Not at me, but herself.  

My job as a trainer is to prepare all of my clients to succeed and reach their goals.  And, so far I had been doing that for Aimee.  

Fast forward about 1 year later and she retook the Level 6 test and DESTROYED the test.  She was overly prepared — mentally and physically.  I couldn’t have been happier for her either.  She was our FIRST FitRanX Level 6 client.  

By her passing the test was proof that our system works and that people can pass the “impassable” Level 6.

But, once she passed Level 6, it was on to the next one.  Level 7.

FitRanX Level 7 is daunting.

And, when I say daunting I mean damn near impossible to pass.

First, everyone that takes Level 7 typically fails the 1st time around.  

Second, the test has to be reviewed by Sgt. Nick Rians — creator of the FitRanX system.  So, not only is Nick reviewing the candidate, but myself as a coach too!

Last Friday, Aimee took the Level 7 test in front of her closest gym rats / friends.  These ladies all motivate and encourage each other. They are like “sisters” in the gym.  They joke.  They laugh.  But, more importantly they sweat hard during every session.

When Aimee came in, she was a ball of nerves, and quite frankly, I don’t blame her.  This is a big deal.  If she passes this test, she’d be the 22nd person in the WORLD that is a FitRanX Level 7.  That’s right.  In the ENTIRE planet.  

Just an FYI, there are only 5 Level 8’s in the WORLD.  So, Aimee would be in a class of her own.

Anyways, she hadn’t really fueled herself that well before the test because she was nervous.  So, eating good carbs was difficult.  

And, as she was going through her strength portion of the test, she seemed a bit off.  I couldn’t pin it, but she wasn’t her normal self, as I’ve usually seen her train.

When she got to the conditioning part she even said she started to feel like shit.  Her words.  Not mine :-)

Well, she got through the first Quad Set, 3 times, which basically included 1 leg box jumps, double kettlebell windmills, battle ropes and hoping push ups.  Each exercise was timed for 1 minute each with a 5 second transition and 30 second break at the end of the Quad Set.

She got through it… but barely.  

I had to get one of my clients to run in my office and get some Gu.  No joke.  I needed to get carbs in her ASAP, or she risked not finishing.

When she started her 2nd Quad Set, which would include suicide sprints, kettlebell turkish getups, kettlebell swing with 1” resistance band and round house kicks on a heavy bag, she had to stop at the swings because she was on the verge of puking.  

She was PISSED off too.  

She knew she was better than that, but the lack of carbs and fuel caught up to her… quickly!

I had coached her on what to have and what to eat to prepare, but she was also battling the fact that she needed to make her weight class in order to test in the feather weight bracket.  Otherwise, we would need to reschedule her test until she dropped the weight.

Her team of supporters did exactly what any friend would do.  Encourage her that she did awesome and she’ll do better next time.

So, we rescheduled her test to today.  Wednesday, June 22nd at 10AM.

She didn’t even bat an eye doing it within 1 week of her previous test.  Aimee was that determined.  

This time, her nutrition was spot on.  She took some Gu about 15 minutes before the test, as well as some Advocare O2 Gold (aka, the 3rd lung) about 1 hour before the test.

The result…

I don’t know.

As, we are in a waiting standstill with Nick Rians to review the video.

However… Aimee came back stronger then ever.  Seriously.  I couldn’t believe it either.  

The strength portion was a breeze.  She looked strong, focused and determined.

When we got to the 1st Quad Set, she went through it pretty easily.  I kept telling her to focus on the 1 leg box jumps every time because a couple days prior she took a killer spill that affected her confidence.  

When she got into her 2nd Quad Set, she kept looking strong, but you could tell she was getting fatigued.  However, she had a look in her eyes that did not understand failure.  

I don’t believe Aimee failed the last FitRanX Level 7 test… she just wasn’t prepared to the level she is capable of achieving.  And, she knew that.

Today, she finished the Level 7 test exhausted…. on the floor, with a wet paper towel on her head.  

Aimee had given her best and laid everything on the mats.  

But, what was odd… within minutes of finishing the test she was smiling and thankful her team was there to support her during the test.

I haven’t told this to Aimee yet… and she’ll probably find out on social media or in this email, but after watching her take FitRanX Level 7… she can easily pass Level 8.  

No joke.  She displayed enough grit, determination, focus, and desire to get through one of the hardest fitness tests on the planet, and at the end, I know she has what it takes to get to Level 8.  And, that’s because of what she displayed over the past 5 days.  

When you “fail”… do you actually think you failed, or do you think it’s simply an opportunity to succeed.

Most people fail and never get back up.  They are too scared.  Don’t believe in themselves.  Whatever the excuse is… it’s an excuse.

She kept going, even facing adversity, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

So, we’ll find out within the next 24 hours if she passed.  And, if there are some areas she needs to fix… There is no doubt she can do it though.

If you want to watch her test, we put it up on YouTube.

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