On Wednesday, June 22nd long time fitness client, Aimee Milligan came into her home gym, Summit Fit Dojo prepared to re-embark a fitness foe that had beaten her just 5 days earlier -- the FitRanX Level 7 test.

Summit Fit Dojo is a personal training fitness studio in Westminster, CO that has been helping residents in Westminster, Broomfield & Thornton to achieve their overall health & fitness goals, by incorporating the FitRanX System.

Many clients seek the knowledge and expertise of Coach Javier Lozano, Jr. -- Owner & Head Fitness Instructor at Summit Fit Dojo to assist them in losing weight, toning problem areas up, and simply transforming their lives to a better lifestyle.

"I started Summit Fit Dojo about 8 years ago with the goal to help our community of Westminster (and surrounding areas) to get more fit.  I've always had a knack for helping people out, and I somehow know how to get the best out of my clients.  The way we've created our fitness & nutrition system has helped 100's of clients achieve fitness success"

But, Summit Fit Dojo isn't just a fitness studio that focuses on helping clients lose weight, although that is one of their primary goals.

They are also in the business of working with athletes.  And, not your prototypical athlete that plays a major sport.  But, athletes that want to be fit, play with their kids, hike a 14er, go for runs, ride their bikes, and live the Colorado lifestyle to it's fullest.  Basically, everyday mom and dad's that have a family, full time job, and other responsibilities.

But, what makes Summit Fit Dojo unique and different is their fitness system they have followed for over 3 years called FitRanX.  FitRanX is a standardized fitness ranking system that gauges your fitness level.  In FitRanX, there are 8 different levels with progressions designed to push individuals to their limits, as well as help them set fitness goals -- all while melting fat, getting stronger, and achieving ranks.

Aimee had just taken her FitRanX Level 7 test 5 days earlier on Friday.  However, she was a ball of nerves.  Though she had what it took to pass the test, she couldn't get herself to eat enough before the big day because of nerves. 

Unfortunately, once she finished the strength portion of the test and started the conditioning, her energy started to plummet, and she knew it too.

To make a long story short, Aimee needed to stop because she was on the verge of puking.

Thus, she failed Level 7.

Now, some may not know exactly what is involved in the FitRanX Level 7 test, and on paper it looks quite simple and doable, but when performed it is one of the most daunting fitness tests on the planet.


Because of how it is put together.

The FitRanX Level 7 test for a female in bracket 1 is so challenging that the ones that can even pass the test are considered Elite.  Not elite in their weight class, age bracket, sex... etc.  They are now Elite athletes.

The Level 7 test took Aimee about 38 minutes from start to finish, and though that may seem short.  It's the accumulations of strength movements, rests and conditioning elements that breaks individuals down.

What's amazing is that Aimee is the first Level 7 finisher at Summit Fit Dojo, first Level 7 finisher in the Denver / Metro area, 2nd Level 7 finisher in Colorado, and 22nd Level 7 finisher in the world.  That's right.  The entire WORLD. 

Aimee is in a class of her own.  She is world class.  Aimee is elite.  

To put things into perspective, Level 8 is the highest FitRanX level and there are only 5 in the world.

Once Aimee finished her FitRanX Level 7 test, the video had to be sent to the FitRanX Headquarters in Simi Valley, California so that Sgt. Nick Rians, creator of FitRanX, can review it.  He does this for quality control. 

Sgt. Rians understands that when things become mainstream they can get a bit "watered down", but by requiring Level 7 tests to be reviewed at headquarters, this keeps the integrity of the system in tact.  Level 7 test is a VERY high rank in FitRanX, and only the best deserve to be at that level.

Once, the video was reviewed, which took about 24 hours, Sgt. Nick Rians contacted Coach Javier to share the good news, as well as give form correction and feedback. 

Just finishing the test is an accomplishment, but there are standards on form and execution.  If any of these movements are compromised, the client is awarded 1 strike.  A client fails the test when the get 3 total strikes, or break form in certain elements.

"When I shared the news to Aimee, I messaged her on Facebook" says Coach Lozano.  "She couldn't believe it.  She was beside herself.  All her hard work finally paid off, and she had a sense of relief.  I knew she could pass the test.  Heck, I know she can pass Level 8 too.  After seeing her at the end of the test, she has all the tools to pass Level 8.  So, we've scheduled it for November... just before the Holidays."

What does the FitRanX Level 8 test consist of?

Well, you'll have to get to Level 7 to find out...

Here's a short video of the FitRanX Level 7 test

Here's the FULL 38 Minute video of Aimee taking the test.

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