Today I'll be talking to you about the 2nd progressive exercise on how to improve or get better at doing your full body weight pull-ups.

The next exercise is called a 90 degree row.

The whole purpose of the 90 degree row is, again to work those back muscles, as well as your triceps.

If you read my last blog post or video post, I taught you why you do pull-ups and what the whole purpose of performing a pull-up.

When performing a 90 Degree Row, with a TRX band or rope that has handles, you’ll need to make sure you lay down flat on the floor with your legs out straight.  

I’ve got gorilla arms, that means I’m going to have to have my TRX band a little bit higher, leaving my body just a few inches off the ground.

So, I won’t be in a perfect 90 degree angle, but relatively close.

If you don’t have a TRX band, than what you can do is get a barbell and make sure it's low enough to where your arms are fully extended and you're going to put your feet straight out in front of you.


Watch the video to get a better visualization, but you want your arms to be straight, your feet are straight and then you're going to hold the plank position.

Once you’re structured correctly, you’ll than pull yourself up and back down with a gentle and controlled motion.

Keep in mind, you are essentially flat on the ground.

Does it have to be perfectly?

No, it can be a slight angled

Stay tuned for our 3rd blog post on getting better at doing your full body weight pull-ups.


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