If you read our our previous blog posts on how to improve your pull ups, we covered the 45 Degree Row and 90 Degree Row — which both can be done with a TRX band.  

We’re now moving onto the 3rd progressive exercise, and this one is VERY though.  It’s called the inverted row.

The inverted row is an awesome exercise to really get yourself to the next level of actually doing full body weight pull ups.

Take a look at the video below for a better visualization of the Inverted TRX Row.  

Before we get started, you’ll need your TRX band or if you have a barbell then you can do the same thing.

Then you'll need some sort of box, bench, chair or something that gets your feet elevated.

Place the box in front of you at your feet.

Your head will be on the opposite side of the box.

Now, make sure your head is lower than your feet — this is what makes this move an INVERTED row.

From this position, lay straight down, put your feet on the box.

I personally like to have my feet on the edge of the box. You’ll straighten yourself out into a PLANK position, making your body stiff as a board.

While holding yourself in the plank position, you’ll begin to pull yourself towards the ceiling, bringing your elbows EQUAL with your ribs.

Come back down in a controlled motion by not rolling your shoulders out at the bottom and keeping your body in the plank position.

To add more difficulty to this exercise you're gonna be squeezing at the top and holding for 1-3 seconds.

Stay tuned to watch our next tip on improving your pull ups.

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